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Just remember, a 12 y/o Indigenous boy faced a children’s court for receiving a stolen Freddo frog.
My 1st job was as a welfare officer in Kalgoorlie. An 11 yr old I case managed from Wiluna went 2 jail in Perth 4 stealing FOOD! I didn’t sleep 4 a week. It made me physically ill. He was well under 5ft. Had a pair of thongs, singlet & trackies 2 his name. These r little babies
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids have contact with the criminal justice system five years earlier than non-Aboriginal kids.
@Utopiana That is a really tough read. The lack of investment in young Aboriginal children includes the systemic failure to support and protect Aboriginal families and to investigate the tragic deaths of Aboriginal babies. #heartbreaking
Indigenous kids do not have the brain maturity, or Impulse control at 10 or 14 that they may have at say 25. And absolutely No Indigenous child should experience Incarceration while they are children still in development. #FreeMyPeople
When Black Hair Violates The Dress Code
Paul Keating Redfern Speech (1992) “We took the traditional lands and smashed the traditional way of life. We brought the diseases. The alcohol. We committed the murders. We took the children from their mothers. We practised discrimination and exclusion.” #FirstNations
26 is young and stupid when you’re white. 10 is criminal when you’re black. Fuck australia, burn it down
Why is the government leaving the problem of solving poisoned water to a teenager? Why elect government if they're unwilling to ensure clean drinking water? A government that fails to care for its people has no leadership mandate
To understand racism you need to understand power dynamics. To understand sexism you need to understand power dynamics. To understand poverty you need to understand power dynamics. To understand power dynamics you need to listen and believe the stories of the powerless.
Please do not forget about Baby Charlie. Important article from Lorena Allam but a warning that this is very hard to read.
Another cover up. Police kill and know they’re above the law & this is another horrific death that exposes this reality. Baby Charlie died a horrendous death & no one will be held to account RIP 💔💔 Baby Charlie #DefundThePolice
@TracyWesterman @Ema_Leia How the hell is this possible What country treats children this way We must stop this insanity cruelty and death I know how vulnerable these young ones are This is SO WRONG Heartbreaking