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Compare female leaders globally (Merkel, Ardern, Gillard etc) to the men and it is clear .. .. that to get to the top women have to be unbelievably, ridiculously good Almost any fool bloke can get there. In fact, perhaps the more of a fool, the better - Trump, Johnson, Morrison
COMPARE.. - How quick was the deploying 100s of cops. - How slow is the the testing and hygene procedures. - How too slow was the suppy of daily needs, "some of it expired - (check media reports)" @DanielAndrewsMP @JennyMikakos @DannyPearsonMP
March 27: Stonnington (Toorak etc) had 58 COVID-19 cases (10% of Victoria's total), the Mornington Peninsula had 39, the second-highest number. Very little testing was being done compared to now. Where were the repurposed booze-buses, police foot patrols and lockdowns then?
thank you for the comparison pic of the office-based Premier who locks brown people in towers vs the sporty PM who locks brown people in detention, it helped me figure out where my loyalties lie
Tom Brady walks off field without shaking hands: “fierce competitor, hates losing” Cam Newton walks off field without shaking hands: “classless thug, doesn’t get it”
White adult Brock Turner (19) rapes unconscious woman behind a dumpster •Judge:“A long prison term will adversely affect him”—3 mo jail Black child Dayonn Davis (15) steals shoes, has no prior record •Judge:“Those must be some nice shoes”—5 yrs prison This is #TheNewJimCrow
What a joke. Rich, white, private school boys snort coke in front of cops and the magistrate jokes with them "haven't you heard of a bathroom?" and lets them off. Try tell me there is no injustice in our justice system.
10 years for vandalizing Confederate statues. 0 for murdering Breonna Taylor.
This disgraceful woman isn’t taken into custody, but people in the flats are locked inside their homes with 5 police to a person stopping them from leaving? Right.
26 is young and stupid when you’re white. 10 is criminal when you’re black. Fuck australia, burn it down
The same NSW Govt that runs protest organisers to court and condemns us as reckless is defending pubs despite multiple COVID cases. The right to drink trumps the right to protest in Aus. Unless your Black living under the Intervention - then you can be locked up for both!
When 1 in 4 #covid cases were in the Mornington peninsula or Toorak and South Yarra or 1/4 of deaths from Ruby Princess, the Bolts & Hanson’s of this world never raised the race of these communities. So when they do now know it’s just filthy racism, gutter racism by racists.
My god, this story: Student at Groves HS in Birmingham, Mi, is incarcerated in a juvenile facility on the alleged probation violation of not keeping up with her online schoolwork during the pandemic. She's still there. Surprise twist in the next tweet.
I wish little Black girls in this society were afforded the innocence & protection y’all endlessly offer to fully grown white & white approximating women
@LukeLPearson @NaomiWolfeAU When people are more upset about a piece of fabric burning, but tear down and burn down our sacred sites and we hear barely a whisper let alone a roar
Wtf Victoria, wear a fucking mask. Walked 5ks in nth suburbs, ppl wearing a mask: zero. Cafes: full. Someone just walked past me: “gday”. I said, “gday please wear your mask”. Meanwhile... not-wealthy ppl in the towers are surrounded by cops. We’re not all in this together 👍
According to the right wing press- People on the internet being mean to millionaire celebrities who are racists or rapists: cancel culture Black mps receiving so many death threats they have to close their offices: healthy debate
one of my favorite observations from ta-nehisi is this, written in the context of obama but very applicable in the present moment “Racism is not merely a simplistic hatred. It is, more often, broad sympathy toward some and broader skepticism toward others.”
I just spoke to a woman living in one of the Racecourse Rd towers. "You had other suburbs where they had 48 hours warning before they were put in [much less strict] lockdown. How come we are any different? It just feels like we have been singled out."