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@PenelopeFirshma @lishunter @WGinPolitics 1/2 The message is that this #Black #women MP #DianeAbbott has in this context a large portion of abuse Your focus should be on the question Why? What you have written is similar to if I say #BlackLivesMatter you respond with #microaggression #AllLivesMatter
Job recruiters discriminate against Muslims, and it doesn't end at the interview stage via @ConversationUK
'Gender has taken precedence over race in HE, white women have been the main beneficiaries of policy making such as through Athena (white) swan'. Competing inequalities: gender versus race in higher education institutions in the UK
"Since the Holocaust, anti-Semitism has been the west’s largest taboo. Today it is creeping back. Its return is most remarkable in the US and Britain. Everyone should take note. When the strongest taboo cracks, lesser ones may crumble." My column:
Compare female leaders globally (Merkel, Ardern, Gillard etc) to the men and it is clear .. .. that to get to the top women have to be unbelievably, ridiculously good Almost any fool bloke can get there. In fact, perhaps the more of a fool, the better - Trump, Johnson, Morrison
According to the right wing press- People on the internet being mean to millionaire celebrities who are racists or rapists: cancel culture Black mps receiving so many death threats they have to close their offices: healthy debate