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#EmmettTill would have been 79 today. Imagine the life he could be living. A light in the world? A vessel of love for his family? We must never forget that racism destroys and dehumanizes; and often fuels vicious deaths. It is not mere disagreement. We remember you always, king.
@amhistorymuseum In an 1852 speech, Frederick Douglass emphasized that the history of American freedom cannot be separated from American slavery. Read more about “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” from our @NMAAHC:
one of the most powerful and important speeches I’ve heard in the last few months
The Liberty and Storm walked off the court as the national anthem played as part of the social justice movement.
"Since the Holocaust, anti-Semitism has been the west’s largest taboo. Today it is creeping back. Its return is most remarkable in the US and Britain. Everyone should take note. When the strongest taboo cracks, lesser ones may crumble." My column:
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the U.S., here’s how the disability community has been hit especially hard.
Compare female leaders globally (Merkel, Ardern, Gillard etc) to the men and it is clear .. .. that to get to the top women have to be unbelievably, ridiculously good Almost any fool bloke can get there. In fact, perhaps the more of a fool, the better - Trump, Johnson, Morrison
Tom Brady walks off field without shaking hands: “fierce competitor, hates losing” Cam Newton walks off field without shaking hands: “classless thug, doesn’t get it”
White adult Brock Turner (19) rapes unconscious woman behind a dumpster •Judge:“A long prison term will adversely affect him”—3 mo jail Black child Dayonn Davis (15) steals shoes, has no prior record •Judge:“Those must be some nice shoes”—5 yrs prison This is #TheNewJimCrow
About half of California prison inmates killed by COVID-19 were disabled, advocates say
Freddie Gray verdict: US police officers who kill rarely get punished, but they might get rich via @qz
10 years for vandalizing Confederate statues. 0 for murdering Breonna Taylor.
My god, this story: Student at Groves HS in Birmingham, Mi, is incarcerated in a juvenile facility on the alleged probation violation of not keeping up with her online schoolwork during the pandemic. She's still there. Surprise twist in the next tweet.
This is one of the most famous paintings in American history: Declaration of Independence. I decided to put red dots on all the men who held slaves. Next time someone puts them on a pedestal and says we can't question their judgement on guns or whatever, show them this image.
@RegdarKhrast @smithsonian @amhistorymuseum Out of all the slaves he owned he freed <10 and most of those were because Sally Hemmings forced him to free some of HIS children. He freed I think 5 upon his death and the rest were sold because he owed a billion dollars all over town.
Many who tweeted about my father today would have hated him 50 years ago. He was for the eradication of poverty and caring for poor people. No human was an alien to him because he believed this is a World House. And he asserted that inequality in healthcare is most inhumane. #MLK
When Black Hair Violates The Dress Code
‘Act of genocide.’ Eugenics program tried to ‘breed out’ Black people in NC, report says
A US border patrol agent detained 2 US Citizens for the apparent crime of speaking Spanish. He admits on camera. This is what institutionalized white supremacy looks like. Its why I wasn’t surprised the racist lawyer abused two women for speaking Spanish
This is a very energized crowd, possibly the biggest I've seen since early days BLM marches. It's wrapping around the federal courthouse, sounds of tom tom drums, say their names