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“For Indigenous children, who make up about 50 per cent of the centre's cohort at any one time, disconnection from culture loomed large. The report noted a lack of Aboriginal staff, connection to elders and a culture of casual racism among some staff.”
I do question the use of the phrase casual racism. What is casual about it? For whom is it casual? Definitely not for those on the receiving end I can attest to that from my own experiences
I need to have a talk about Indigenous research, Indigenous-led research, research about or with Indigenous ppl & where non-Indigenous ppl fit within them. I’m seeing more & more non-Indigenous ppl leading Indigenous projects at my institution #AcademicTwitter #BlackintheIvory
It is such a simple *hot take* by the media to quote elites saying that Indigenous incarceration is high because blackfullas commit more serious crimes! Stop feeding a toxic narrative! The Indigenous incarceration is high because, SYSTEMIC RACISM!
Report reveals 'shocking' anti-Asian racism in Australia during coronavirus pandemic via @SBSNews
It’s no accident that Blak Australia has survived the pandemic so well. Survival is what we do. Powerful pice by my sista #melissalucashenko ⬛️🟨🟥 #Covid_19
Compare female leaders globally (Merkel, Ardern, Gillard etc) to the men and it is clear .. .. that to get to the top women have to be unbelievably, ridiculously good Almost any fool bloke can get there. In fact, perhaps the more of a fool, the better - Trump, Johnson, Morrison
COMPARE.. - How quick was the deploying 100s of cops. - How slow is the the testing and hygene procedures. - How too slow was the suppy of daily needs, "some of it expired - (check media reports)" @DanielAndrewsMP @JennyMikakos @DannyPearsonMP
March 27: Stonnington (Toorak etc) had 58 COVID-19 cases (10% of Victoria's total), the Mornington Peninsula had 39, the second-highest number. Very little testing was being done compared to now. Where were the repurposed booze-buses, police foot patrols and lockdowns then?
thank you for the comparison pic of the office-based Premier who locks brown people in towers vs the sporty PM who locks brown people in detention, it helped me figure out where my loyalties lie
This is right up there with “We were booing Adam Goodes because we didn’t like him as a player, nothing to do with racism”. Yeah. Good one 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
There's still no evidence Black Lives Matter protesters caused Melbourne COVID-19 surge
What a joke. Rich, white, private school boys snort coke in front of cops and the magistrate jokes with them "haven't you heard of a bathroom?" and lets them off. Try tell me there is no injustice in our justice system.
Just remember, a 12 y/o Indigenous boy faced a children’s court for receiving a stolen Freddo frog.
“I live alone, I was seriously going crazy, I was sick and all I could think about was my daughter.” A piece I wrote for @HuffPostAU about the experiences of residents not receiving adequate health services during ‘hard lockdown.’ #melbournelockdown
Just video proof of the type of people we are dealing with this is the DHHS worker in charge of the building. Laughing at us after these officers were violent. (This took place when we went back with out AMSSA reps to grab the badge numbers and information for complaints).
This disgraceful woman isn’t taken into custody, but people in the flats are locked inside their homes with 5 police to a person stopping them from leaving? Right.
26 is young and stupid when you’re white. 10 is criminal when you’re black. Fuck australia, burn it down
The same NSW Govt that runs protest organisers to court and condemns us as reckless is defending pubs despite multiple COVID cases. The right to drink trumps the right to protest in Aus. Unless your Black living under the Intervention - then you can be locked up for both!
When 1 in 4 #covid cases were in the Mornington peninsula or Toorak and South Yarra or 1/4 of deaths from Ruby Princess, the Bolts & Hanson’s of this world never raised the race of these communities. So when they do now know it’s just filthy racism, gutter racism by racists.
If it wasn’t caught on film the police would never have been convicted. That’s why #copwatch_au is so important. @NJP_Au
The low age of criminal responsibility in Victoria disproportionately impacts young people who are socially disadvantaged. This is particularly the case for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, who have experienced trauma and institutional racism.
The landmark report observed that Detention is costly, and does not work: “Australia spent $539 million dollars on youth detention in the 2018/19 financial year at an average rate of $1579 per child per day, according to the Productivity Commission…
Remember this? 25.7.2016.
@LukeLPearson @NaomiWolfeAU When people are more upset about a piece of fabric burning, but tear down and burn down our sacred sites and we hear barely a whisper let alone a roar
One example from last night A mother in Alfred Street has been awaiting FOUR DAYS to get Panadol and Nuroften for her 10 month old and 11 year old child.
Wtf Victoria, wear a fucking mask. Walked 5ks in nth suburbs, ppl wearing a mask: zero. Cafes: full. Someone just walked past me: “gday”. I said, “gday please wear your mask”. Meanwhile... not-wealthy ppl in the towers are surrounded by cops. We’re not all in this together 👍
Someone else called out to us from several storeys up ‘We’re hungry! We have no food.’ The tenants didn’t know who to call to get food. No-one had told them.
My 1st job was as a welfare officer in Kalgoorlie. An 11 yr old I case managed from Wiluna went 2 jail in Perth 4 stealing FOOD! I didn’t sleep 4 a week. It made me physically ill. He was well under 5ft. Had a pair of thongs, singlet & trackies 2 his name. These r little babies
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids have contact with the criminal justice system five years earlier than non-Aboriginal kids.
@Utopiana That is a really tough read. The lack of investment in young Aboriginal children includes the systemic failure to support and protect Aboriginal families and to investigate the tragic deaths of Aboriginal babies. #heartbreaking
Indigenous kids do not have the brain maturity, or Impulse control at 10 or 14 that they may have at say 25. And absolutely No Indigenous child should experience Incarceration while they are children still in development. #FreeMyPeople
Paul Keating Redfern Speech (1992) “We took the traditional lands and smashed the traditional way of life. We brought the diseases. The alcohol. We committed the murders. We took the children from their mothers. We practised discrimination and exclusion.” #FirstNations
Why is the government leaving the problem of solving poisoned water to a teenager? Why elect government if they're unwilling to ensure clean drinking water? A government that fails to care for its people has no leadership mandate
"The police left my baby at the scene w/o asking abt his safety. The police refused to look for my baby when I told them he had been abducted.... little black lives don't matter in WA." Judge denied family's call for inquest into Baby Charlie's death
Please do not forget about Baby Charlie. Important article from Lorena Allam but a warning that this is very hard to read.
Another cover up. Police kill and know they’re above the law & this is another horrific death that exposes this reality. Baby Charlie died a horrendous death & no one will be held to account RIP 💔💔 Baby Charlie #DefundThePolice
@TracyWesterman @Ema_Leia How the hell is this possible What country treats children this way We must stop this insanity cruelty and death I know how vulnerable these young ones are This is SO WRONG Heartbreaking
Thread/ Also how this busted ass government keeps vilifying folk who are mulitiply marginal specifically those are black and with disabilities is so infuriating. After 8 weeks of trying to get through Centrelink, DHHS and NDIS...
The Black Lives Matter movement has gained momentum in Australia, bringing to the forefront the fact that, in the almost 30 years since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, 439 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have died in custody.
I just spoke to a woman living in one of the Racecourse Rd towers. "You had other suburbs where they had 48 hours warning before they were put in [much less strict] lockdown. How come we are any different? It just feels like we have been singled out."