Capturing, curating and sharing stories and data about racism and intersectionality

For the privileged

Some people aren’t exposed to microaggressions and aggressions due to their privilege. They are surprised when they find out that this event isn’t the only one.

For the marginalised

People from marginalised groups can sometimes wonder if they are the only one who is feeling like they are being treated differently. It can be cathartic when they realise that they aren’t the only one feeling this.

Why this website?

Both of these situations can make people from marginalised racial groups feel helpless which can lead to increased risk of health problems. This website will capture, curate and share stories and data about racism. It will allow people with privilege to explore and understand to help improve what really needs to be done at a grassroots level as per the “Capability Maturity Model for Diversity in Organisations” (Mosbergen, Rowland (2019): 2019-10-23 CMM for Diversity in Organisations.pdf. figshare. Presentation. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.10028318.v6).



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Other resources

There is also a LinkedIn group for Mentoring for PoC (People of Colour / Culturally Diverse) aiming for Senior Leadership positions

There is also the resource Visualising Intersectionality and the Degree of Difficulty.