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Behrouz Boochani granted refugee status in New Zealand https://t.co/WJLvuZuHMA
My observation from that and other examples is that people who are testing positive aren’t being provided any PPE or the necessary equipment and supplies to reduce spread of COVID. They’re just informed that they can’t leave their premises.
NSW Premier @GladysB says she cannot allow the planned Black Lives Matter march to go ahead in Sydney next Tuesday. "It's just not sensible at this time to expose yourself and others to the spread of the virus." https://t.co/R5X9qsn8UV
I am so excited to share these films with you all on July 1st. And also speak with these amazing global Black filmmakers. What does HOME and PASSING mean to you? Thanks @miafilms being open and giving us all a platform on @BirdsEyeViewFF #BlackLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter https://t.co/hV1fB2muEP
Powerful image of protester being detained near HQ of the Baton Rouge PD. via @reuters https://t.co/VVBnwixzqp https://t.co/sM4QndNlfb
As I was driving home, I began to receive frantic call volunteers and residents who were distressed. There was another police incident.
"As a humanitarian analyst for the Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders COVID Emergency Task Force, I support projects in complex environments examine the use and misuse of public health measures, including lockdowns on populations.
They did this in ‘92 with the beating of Rodney King and went to an all white county in search of “an impartial jury”. All four officers were acquitted. https://t.co/v6fLpXhLwa
Reasonable demands, why is everybody else under lockdown allowed to leave for the "four reasons" but not people in the public housing towers? Why are the police not arresting people from the suburbs breaching lockdown yet flooding public housing? @DanielAndrewsMP we are watching https://t.co/HGQgKXD98u
Today, this Volunteer was informed by Police that this building was under a hard lockdown and that included the carpark.
"SBS staff have pleaded with the board to appoint someone other than a white Anglo man as news director to reflect the station’s multicultural charter. Since 1978 the director of news has always been a white man, with the exception of Irene Buschtedt" https://t.co/9Irv41ZT1N
“Imagine instead a world where that money went to providing students with sufficient computing power, broadband access, even food and shelter, so they could make the best of online learning. What if we made sure all faculty had health insurance?” https://t.co/EG5MI7o0us
This wouldn't have happened without the pressure and advocacy by the residents, families and community across the North Melbourne, Flemington and Kensington public housing estates. Now to keep the pressure on for 33 Alfred Street!!!! #FreeThe9Blocks https://t.co/7loQqzrVgK
Five minutes before the deadline...again. I did it, Race Reflections’ new article is up, organisational scapegoating & equality. It is members-only...If you fancy reading it...join the newsletter, you never know, you might get lucky 😇 https://t.co/PMoJ8qbFRH https://t.co/ZecXykXxOy
Nyungar elder Clint Hansen is combining Indigenous conservation methods with western agriculture in one of the first courses of its type through TAFE. https://t.co/WmTQOiYlqG
Auslan service Deaf NT closes as clients struggle through coronavirus https://t.co/ZcuZhJpoYd
The individual struggling with mental ill health (internal drivers) gets consistently lost in (external) “mob” explanations; e.g colonialism etc., It’s not clinically useful. I can’t “treat” these things. We need research that treatment informs mental health. We ain’t getting it. https://t.co/cgG9q09grN