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Members of a newly created Aboriginal Knowledge Circle, which will advise the NSW Government on matters surrounding kids in out of home care, say they hope they'll make a difference to Indigenous children and families. https://t.co/BWKuPntRuA @KeiraJenkins2 reports.
Tiwi boys still can't get enough of 'Shallow in the Deep End' which was written by former Tiwi students as part of our Create Initiative. The Create Initiative partners young Indigenous women with publishers and mentors to help tell their own stories. https://t.co/jBW8KSJKjS
Past 2wks The Project & The Today Show asked me on their shows, then cancelled. The depth of storytelling from what I’m seeing displayed across mainstream western media compared to Indigenous media cannot equate - if you’re an ally pls get well acquainted with Indigenous media!
“Kevin Nguyen, a forensics reporter at ABC & digital director of @MediaDiverseAU said despite an increasing number of threats to POC talent & journos — especially women & POC journos very few media orgs had an evidence-backed proactive response to threats” https://t.co/kxDFemuuoD
If you are publicly naming your clients; being pictured with them & telling their traumatic stories, its not altruism, it’s narcissistic supply. https://t.co/XcuFLG4S1p
Hello today a white women in her 60s told me that there's no discrimination in Australia and she would of seen it because she's been here longer than me.
"you have to say I’m not prepared to accept conditionality around the way I receive money, or that you shape my agenda.” Paddy Rodgers. Agreed but museums must also address the conditions they impose on BAME, LGBTQI+, Indigenous & working class communities https://t.co/1HQ6VtRDho
I wrote my honours thesis on this. There’s no evidence that spatial concentration of poverty has a stronger negative effect than poverty itself. This is rhetoric that’s used to justify flogging off public housing and other pro-gentrification policies. https://t.co/Gh4cpLlhev
Thoroughly enjoying this interview with my mom, @sotrueradio. She shows the breadth of her perspective as a movement elder who also understands the unique urgency that Gen Z feels: https://t.co/2j1HuErG23
I have no shame in saying I am disabled. Even as family says that I wouldn't be able to understand what people who have Cerebral Palsy go through. I was diagnosed with mild CP and @Imani_Barbarin inspires me. #AdaptTheFeed https://t.co/66auRbWDr3
What Hearing Police Sirens Means to Me as a Black Disabled Man https://t.co/EXXIy2IBF8
As a psych I am heavily trained in the scientist-practitioner model-ie. science informs practice. But the lack of empirical testing of core psych principles with Aboriginal ppl means I can’t rely on science 2 inform a lot of my practice. So, how do u make culture “scientific?”
“This is why Aboriginal perspectives are important. Not just as a box-ticking exercise, but as professionals with specialised knowledge. We don’t need understanding managers or superiors we need to be in these positions of power & respect” @MadelineHayman https://t.co/PQRH6gAO8s
We urge police & public health authorities & agencies to not hinder or undermine important self–organising and mutual support structures being put in place by residents themselves. Residents need to be trusted, respected, involved and listened to. https://t.co/Mmq8RozWIe
Sometimes I need to take deep breaths and remind myself that at least many progressives recognize supporting the disability community is important, even if they don't know how to communicate about disability in a way that acknowledges it as a politicized identity. #CripTheVote
@CreativeEquals I wonder if you've come across the wonderful @KGuilaine. I really think a lot could be learnt from her organisation and she would certainly complement what your team do! https://t.co/i8R1sO09hn
“... while I look instead to the many Aboriginal people who have spent a lifetime building up the underfunded but crucial black media space so that we all have a voice, rather than just a select few.” Correspondence: @amymcquire | @quarterly_essay https://t.co/tDWhPx4qmZ
Just listening to the Victoria presser, why were the sex workers the only ones issued with infringement notices? Why were the clients not issued with them too?